Why You Should Get Married in Reading

A wedding is a most awaited event in a person’s life. Having a partner and then having a mutual decision to wed is such a great fortune. Nevertheless, it is a big choice that will then need a lot of planning and deliberation.

Many choose to marry in their hometown and some opt to go all out and wed in a different place like in another city or even overseas.

If you live in England or if you want to go there, Reading is a large town you can visit. No, better yet, you can get married there!

Reading is in Berkshire and it is full of culture and history. It has survived the likes of the English Civil War and the Revolution of 1688. So, certainly, it is a great place for a celebration such a wedding for it is a civilisation that is refined and tasteful.

It is an area that is a growing commercial centre, making it a place ideal for businesses and even for living. Its climate is of the maritime kind as well, meaning summers are warm (not hot) and winter are cool (not cold) making it very ideal for serene affairs like a wedding.

So, supposing you intend to marry in the lovely town of Reading, you have to be prepared as you will have to do some specifics.

You have to give a Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership to a register office. This is a legal requirement that you have to personally attend to. And you can’t do this the day before the wedding; it should be 16 days before, at the very least. To marry, you have to be over 18 years old; otherwise, you will need the consent of your parents. If married before, you have to supply legal documents supporting separation or divorce. This here is a way to check if you are legally free to wed.

Of course, the wedding venue is as important as any other. Reading has approved places to marry such as the Register Office, the Yeomanry Suite, the Crowne Plaza and many more. These are suitable premises that will definitely make the ceremony solemn and dear.

And when the wedding’s over, there are many attractions in Reading that you can tour and enjoy as newlyweds. These include the REME Museum of Technology, the Caversham Court Gardens, the Basildon Park, and the Reading Museum, among others. Stay there and discover the different wonders Reading can offer.

Find a destination wedding photographer in Northamptonshire. He or she will surely go to where you plan to marry, whether it be in Reading or another place. Look into their portfolio if you like their style and if so, discuss extensively and come up with an agreement on your photography needs and wants.

Marrying is such a massive blessing that the place where you do it will not even matter. Even so, if you plan to do so, then it would be an awesome choice to get married in Reading.

Shopping in Reading

Reading is one of the few places outside Oxford Street that you find the UK’s top four retailers in one place

In fact they are closer together in Reading than in London – you can walk between Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer within a few minutes. It’s not surprising then that Reading is one of the top ten retail destinations in the UK – and its success is set to continue with even more high street names waiting to find suitable city centre space.

The arrival of the Oracle Shopping and Leisure Complex brought 90 new stores to Reading – including niche brands such as Karen Millen, Zara, Mango, Disney Store and Mama and PapasJohn Cook Bridge at The Oracle
You will find all your favorite high street brand names around Reading – either on Broad Street (our main shopping thoroughfare), in The Oracle, or in the side roads between Friar Street and Broad Street.

In fact, shopping in Reading ranges from John Lewis – one of the country’s largest department stores – to the bustle of our street market (held Wednesday – Saturday on Hosier Street/St Mary’s Butts).

Gun Street, St Mary’s Butts, Bristol and West Arcade and Harris Arcade offer a mix of small specialist shops, while West Street offers two of the biggest names in discount shopping – Primark (clothing) and Fopp (music and video).


An artist's impression of the refurbished Broad Street MallOur other major shopping centre, Broad Street Mall, has been undergoing a major refurbishment and now offers even more shopping space, and a great range of top names – including bargain hunter’s paradise T.K. Maxx and Virgin megastore. At the other end of the city centre you can find Reading’s family-run department store Jackson’s, where you’ll enjoy a taste of traditional shopping.